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Changes in civil service exams in more than 2020 provinces
2020 Jiangsu Province test scores tomorrow at 9 o'clock, check the minimum qualifying score for the written test
各地成绩查询入口汇总 江苏省考进面分数线查询 Jiangsu Provincial Examination
面试考情及考查特点 面试加油包 江苏省考面试形式 Jiangsu Province Noodle | Interview Exam Situation and Examination Features Interview Refueling Package Jiangsu Province Exam Interview Form
2020 Zhejiang Provincial Examination Enrolls 4,831 Written Exam Courses
新大纲黄埔课程 笔试学习方案 5年省考3年模拟指导 Zhejiang Provincial Examination | New Outline Huangpu Curriculum Written Exam Study Plan 5 Year Provincial Exam 3 Years Simulation Guidance
入面分数线查询 省考情报站 优秀村干部备考推荐课 Zhejiang Provincial Examination | Entry score line query Provincial Examination Information Station Excellent village cadre preparation course recommended
2019 Sichuan Provincial Examination Qualification Review / Result Ranking Provincial Examination Application on Practical Writing
笔试成绩排名查询 面试课程 中公名师行 协议课程 Sichuan Provincial Examination
小班私教课 中公黄埔院长护航定制 面试课程简章 Liaoning province noodles
如何提升政治素养 行测科学备考三步走 申论备考新路子 Multi-provincial Provincial Examination | How to Improve Political Literacy
2020 Provincial Examination Change Preparation Information Dean Agreement Course Winter Vacation Preparation Guide
2020各省公务员考试时间 国考带给省考的三大影响 Provincial Examination Updates | 2020 Provincial Civil Servant Examination Time National Examinations will Have Three Major Impacts on Provincial Examinations
2020省考模拟考试查漏补缺 精选时政热点 院长定制课 Curriculum Activities | 2020 Provincial Exam Mock Examination, Leak Filling, Selected Current Affairs Hot Topics , Dean Customized Courses
2020 National Examination Results Appointment Reminder 2020 National Examination Interview Trend Analysis
国考面试模拟题提前练 国考面试备考技巧抢先看 2020 National Examination | National Examination Interview Simulation Questions Practice the National Examination Interview Preparation Skills in Advance
12天小白进阶营 早学班热报中 国考四大热门岗位作答 Interview Course | 12 Days Xiaobai Advanced Camp Early Class Hot Report China Four Most Popular Posts to Answer
国考面试重大变化课 2021国考笔试大学生备考推荐 National Examination News | National Examination Interviews Major Changes 2021 National Examination Written Exam College Students Recommended Preparation
Teacher qualification exam
2020 Provincial Teacher Qualification Written Announcement Preparation Solution
黑龙江笔试公告 辽宁笔试公告 更多省份公告 Teacher Qualification | Heilongjiang Written Test AnnouncementLiaoning Written Test AnnouncementMore Province Announcements
报名时间1月9-12日 报名条件 报考指南 Faculty Registration | Registration Time January 9-12 Registration Conditions Application Guide
考试时间3月14日 教师资格笔试考试大纲 Teacher Qualification | Exam Time March 14 Teacher Qualification Written Exam Outline
2020笔试备考方案 直播课 双旦备考挣学费 Teacher Qualification | 2020 written test preparation plan live lesson Shuang Dan preparation for tuition
Selective Health & Medical Care
Tianjin health and health committee recruits 1077 people
山东成绩查询 湖北招800人 山东面试课程 Selective Examination | Shandong Results Search Hubei recruit 800 people Shandong Interview Course
重庆选调生面试课程 甘肃省报名人数查询 Selection Recommendation | Chongqing Selection Interview Course
呼伦贝尔招录 房县招306人 吉林白城招聘 Health Recruitment | Hulunbuir recruits Fangxian recruit 306 people Jilin Baicheng recruit
包头市直508人 安徽省二院招275人 课程 Medical and Health | 508 people in Baotou City, Anhui Province Second Hospital recruit 275 people course
Institutions & Rural Credit Cooperatives
2020 Shandong Public Institution 3.22 Unified Examination Public Institution Winter Holiday Preparation
今日招聘信息 汕尾招739人 上饶排名查询 Institutions | Today's Recruitment Information Shanwei recruits 739 people to Shangrao Ranking Query
广东怀集招195人 乌海笔试成绩 资格复审 Recommendations | Recruitment of 195 Wuhai Written Test Qualifications in Huaiji, Guangdong
注会成绩复核送3000题 税务师成绩查询 Accounting Exam
2019年注册会计师成绩查询流程有新变化 Note results | New changes to the CPA results query process in 2019
2020 military civilian recruitment announcement notices Zhangjiakou selection of 179 civil servants

[Military clerk] Reminder to check in and prepare for civilian 2020 written test course announcement appointment reminder

[Selection Exam] Today's Selection Information Hunan Selection Interview Course Henan Institution Selection Sprint

2019 Teacher Qualification Admission Card Printed Entrance Bank Spring Enrollment Class 3-5% Off

[Teacher qualification] Admission ticket printing process Interview outline Featured noodle test questions Interview live lesson

[Teacher recruitment] Today's teacher recruitment information Hangzhou recruitment summary Jiangsu Huaian recruit 1372 people

[Bank Recruitment] Bank Recruitment Winter Intern Announcement Appointment for 21 People Winter Vacation Class 50% Off

Inner Mongolia Electric Power recruitment job search system Hubei Tobacco recruits 150 people

[State-owned Enterprise Recruitment] State Grid Winter Training Camp Special Event Preparation for Early Flight Lecture Announcement Reservation

[State-owned Enterprise Recruitment] Recruitment Summary of Inner Mongolia Electric Power Company Campus Recruiting 480 People

[Tobacco Recruitment] Zhejiang Tobacco Sprint Brushes Jiangxi Tobacco Recruitment 91 People Fujian Recruitment

Hebei Langfang Rural Credit Cooperative recruits 147 people

[Nongxinshe] Hebei Coaching Course Sichuan Interview Course Shandong Interview Course [Village Officer] National Summary

[Medical Examination] 2019 Pharmacist Performance Query Entrance 2020 Health Qualification Examination Registration

[Police Law Examination] Jilin Songyuan City recruits 426 traffic management assistant police officers from Jinan, Shandong province

Exam calendar

Exam Type registration time Written test time Detailed announcement
Liaoning auxiliary police recruitment 12.30-1.3 Further notice Details>
Hebei Institution 12.30-1.6 2.22 Details>
Yunnan Medical Careers 1.2-1.4 Further notice Details>
Teacher recruitment in Jiangsu 1.6-1.8 Further notice Details>
Tianjin Hospital Recruitment 1.6-1.10 2.29 Details>
Teacher qualifications in Guangxi 1.9-1.12 3.14 Details>
Teacher qualifications in Shaanxi 1.9-1.12 3.14 Details>
Inner Mongolia Education System 1.11 only February Details>
Test questions library: Test logic judgement simulation questions 1. Researchers believe that if a mother is exposed to pesticides in the first few months of pregnancy, then the baby is born ... Details >>
As a test for public examinations, knowledge is accumulated over time, not one day. Whether it is the national examination, civil service examination, public institution examination, ... Details >>
At present, in the context of adapting to the new normal of economic development and in-depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, mass entrepreneurship and innovation have become Hebei Province ... Details >>
The 13th Five-Year Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction in Beijing's Education System is to implement the 13th Five-Year Plan of Beijing's National Economic and Social Development ... Details >>
The 2020 National Examination Interview will begin soon. Are you out of the written test room waiting for the announcement of the written test results, or do you want to start in advance ... More >>
The written examination of the national civil service examination that has affected thousands of candidates has come to an end. Many friends have turned their attention to the interview after a short rest ... Details >>
This type of language, such as speech drafts, not only has the norms for writing official documents, but also has the literary essay for writing articles. It has always been the focus of the examination questions, and ... more >>
The 2020 Provincial Examination has begun, and many candidates have invested in intensive preparation. As we all know, implementing questions has always been the focus of application ... Details >>
The accumulation of knowledge of current affairs and politics comes from the overnight success. The editors of China Education Education have deepened their impressions of daily current affairs news and improved their reserves, especially ... Details >>
In the public service examination, there was almost no absence on the inspection of current affairs and political knowledge. In order to let the candidates know the latest information as soon as possible, the public education will happen daily ... Details >>

Interview Hotspots: Parabolic "Hanging in the Sky"

[Hot background] In September 2019, the owner of a community reported to the property management that someone dropped a wine bottle from a high altitude and almost smashed a passing person. Community staff ...

01月02日 Categories: Interviews > Interview Hotspots > Social > January 02


2020 National Examination Interview Hotspots: Small Plastic Bags, Big Problems in Governance

[Hot background] Since 2008, China has implemented a plastic restriction order nationwide to restrict the use of plastic shopping bags in production and sales. Hainan Province also started from 2008 ...

01月02日 Categories: Interviews > Interview Hotspots > Ecology > January 02


Interview hotspots: Only fair competition can win the e-commerce platform

[Hot background] Under the blessing of emerging technologies, the means of unfair competition are being simplified. The use of technology to reduce traffic, search, and other means ...

01月02日 Categories: Interviews > Interview Hotspots > Economy > January 02

2020 National Examination Interview Hotspot: Scientific burden reduction should increase or decrease
[Hot background] Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 5th (Reporter Hu Hao) Recently, the topic of reducing the burden on primary and secondary school students has once again caused heated debate in society. Ministry of Education Foundation ... Details >>

Interview hotspots: "5G + Smart Medical Consortium" boosts medical cause January 02

Interview Hotspot: The Economy Needs Intensive Work at Night December 30

Interview Hotspot: Eliminate Bad Inertia, Start With Breakfast December 30

Interview hotspots: live broadcast with cargo needs to be regulated December 30

Interview Hotspots: "Chaoyang Masses" and "Aunt Xicheng" Light Up December 27

Interview Hotspot: The Spring of the E-sports Industry
[Hot Links] Recently, the 6th World Internet Conference hosted by the National Internet Information Office and the Zhejiang Provincial Government was held in Wuzhen. E-sports ... more >>

Interview Hotspot: Auntie Warmth Sets the Benchmark of Love December 27

Interview Hotspot: Let New Media Children Grow Healthy December 27

Interview hotspot: Overhaul of "Minor Protection Law", let teenagers December 27

Interview Hotspots: Basic Education Needs Excellent Talents December 26

Interview Hotspots: "Urban Woodpecker" "Pecking" New Questions from the City December 26

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